Cause of death: War


Nov 7, 1976 Apr 22, 2004

Lived for his country.

Cremated Apr 23, 2004

Ashes scattered at sea

  • RIP to Pat Tillman, a true patriot and a fine gentleman. 41tanksMay 10, 2013

    • Thank you Pat Tillman for sacrificing your life to help protect our country and the people in it. We just want you to know that we truly appreciate what you did and are forever grateful. R.I.P. to Pat Tillman, a hero among heroes. alwaysatexanMay 13, 2013

      • RIP Pat Tillman hipster4lifeMay 13, 2013

        • We miss you Pat, thank you for giving our country your all. Rest in peace. shakemybootsMay 25, 2013

          • Such a sad, yet amazing story. Not many guys I know that would give up an NFL contract to join the army and serve this country to protect the freedoms that we use every day. Thank you Pat for reminding us just how lucky we are to be living in America and to never forget the bravery and courage of people like yourself that give each and every day to help protect us. R.I.P. savagelikeJune 2, 2013

            • RIP to Pat Tillman, a heroic man that gave his all for his country. happyk1dJune 4, 2013

              • RIP Pat Tillman :( shybunnyJune 10, 2013

                • RIP Pat Tillman. Just so you know, to this day, I still tell your story to my family and friends to remind them just how good of a person you were and how selfless you were. Hope you're resting well. jerrykidJune 12, 2013

                  • Just wanted to stop by and pay my respects. RIP Pat Tillman. some_funJuly 5, 2013

                    • Rest in peace Pat Tillman and thank you for helping to protect our country. like2driveJuly 13, 2013

                      • R.I.P. Pat Tillman. littlenshortJuly 30, 2013

                        • Just thinking about the sacrifices you made brings tears to my eyes - literally! Rest in peace and thank you for everything. dancedanceAugust 7, 2013